Animal Laws

The following laws are enforced by Shafter Animal Control, a division of the Police Department.
  • Aggressive Animals: Uncontrolled aggressive animals, threatening the well-being of others, may be subject to immediate impoundment and investigation which may include a formal hearing.
  • Animal Bites: All animal bites must be reported to the Shafter Police Department and/or Shafter Animal Control at 661-746-8500. This is for your protection as well as your pet.
  • Animal Care: Animal care requirements include basic necessities such as:
    • Clean water available at all times
    • Fresh food daily
    • Shelter from the weather
    • Overall maintenance of animal health including vet care if needed
  • Dog Licenses: A dog license is required for all dogs four months of age or older residing in the city limits of Shafter. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor violation.
  • Leashes: A leash is required for all dogs off of their property in all urban and residential areas, including all parks in the City of Shafter. You are responsible for the actions of your animal. Violation of the leash law is a misdemeanor violation.