Building in ShafterBrief Overview of Shafter

Located in Kern County, Shafter is a strong community that is committed to its 18,048 residents. The City of Shafter was incorporated on January 11, 1938. The Charter for the City of Shafter  was approved by the voters at a Special Municipal Election held on June 6, 1995, as certified by the election results adopted by Resolution 1210.

The City of Shafter is a progressive community, providing a variety of services to residents.

In 2016, the City of Shafter completed Annexation 83 and Annexation 86 increasing the City's land size to 38 square miles.

The City of Shafter is located in the County of Kern Supervisorial District 1, California Senate District 14, California Assembly District 32, and Congressional District 21.

The US Census population for Shafter in 2010 is 16,988 . The California Department of Finance estimated population for Shafter in 2017 was 18,868.

City Charter

The Shafter City Charter was put into effect in June of 1995. The Charter is presented here.

Municipal Code

The Municipal Code is now available online.