Animal Control

Animal Control Facility
The Shafter Animal Control unit only accepts animals from within Shafter city limits. Our shelter is small and can only accommodate animals from within the city limits.

Stray animals should be turned into the shelter of the jurisdiction where it was found. Usually this helps to match the animal with the rightful owner if one is located.

Responsibilities & Services

  • Pickup, impoundment, and disposal of stray animals
  • Cat trap rental and pickup for stray cats
  • Enforcement of animal laws
  • Bite reports and rabies control
  • Transportation of stray, injured animals
  • Investigations of animal cruelty, neglect and/or abandonment
  • Investigations of animal nuisance complaints
  • Investigation assistance to other law enforcement agencies
  • Adoptions of shelter animals
  • Lost and found reports
  • Public education programs and materials
Lost Animals

If you have lost an animal, you can contact the Shafter Animal Shelter to report it. You may also come by the shelter to see if your animal is there. You should also contact Kern County Animal Control at 661-321-3000 and the Bakersfield SPCA at 661-323-8353 to report your lost animal. 

In most cases, shelters have multiple animals coming through their doors on a daily basis so it is your responsibility to keep checking back with each shelter for your animal. Most importantly, your animal should be wearing identification tags at all times as this is your animal's ticket home.

Pet Adoption

We do offer adoptions to the public onsite. Please visit our Adoption Site to see the animals that are available to take home.

Dog Licensing

Bring a current rabies certificate for each dog to the shelter to purchase a license. 

Animal Control Reports

There are reports available for the public which show the activities of the Animal Control operation. To take a look, please go to the Police Department Reports page.
For More Information

Visit the Shafter Animal Control Facebook page