Construction and Demolition Recycling Program

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Recycling Program

The City of Shafter is required by State law to divert a minimum of 65% of its waste from landfills. Many materials generated from C&D projects can be successfully diverted through recycling or reuse. Requiring C&D debris recycling as a condition of building permits helps the City to comply with State law.
A waste management plan (see reverse) must be submitted to the Building Official prior to the issuance of a building permit.Additionally, to obtain final approval for the project, the applicant must document CALGreen compliance within 30 days of project completion by submitting all recycling/disposal facility receipts.


Effective July 1, 2017:  

  •  CALGreen code requires new construction, additions and alterations to divert 65% of generated waste;
  • Or, document that the overall disposal rate does not exceed 3.4 pounds per s.f. of the building area for residential, and 2 pounds per s.f. for non-residential.
  • Applies to new construction greater than 120 s.f.; additions greater than 2000 s.f.; and alterations with estimated cost of at least $500,000.
  • Includes low-rise residential, defined as three stories or less, and most non-residential occupancies.

See CALGreen Section 4.408, 5.408, 5.701, 5.713.8 for specific information.

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Download and complete the required Recycling and/or Re-Use Plan  to be submitted with Building Permit Application. 

Planning for Waste Management 
Options to consider for recycling C&D debris and any excess building materials:

  • Self-haul source-separated materials to a County facility for recycling.
  • Re-use or donate materials.
  • Employ a waste hauler for roll-off bin service.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring the recycling requirements are met for all waste generated on site. 

If you intend to self-haul C&D debris,
Shafter-Wasco Landfill fees are
$55 per ton for material that is not source-separated and $5 per ton for source-separated material. It pays to recycle!

NOTE: Contractors working on non-covered projects are encouraged to divert materials from construction and demolition projects to the maximum extent possible.

Final building permits will not be approved without documentation proving diversion and recycling requirements are met.