Water Conservation Information

Restricted watering schedule in the City of Shafter:

Watering permitted only 3 days a week as follows:
- NORTH of Lerdo Highway: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
- SOUTH of Lerdo Highway: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
- NO watering on Mondays
- NO watering between 10:00AM and 6:00PM 

For information or to report water wasting:
  • Call: 661-746-5088
  • Email: water@shafter.com
  • Use the Shafter Mobile App
Not sure when you are supposed to water? Click here to find your personalized watering schedule. 
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Shafter’s Self-Certification of Supply Reliability for Three Additional Years of Drought:

Updated June 2016. Find out more here.

Potable Water Use Restrictions And Conservation Measures

To view the Ordinances adopted by the Shafter City Council regulating the use of water click here and here. 
What can I do to reduce my water use? Resident Drought Response
Find out what is required of Shafter residents as well as tips on effective water conservation.

What is the City of Shafter doing to conserve water? City of Shafter Drought Response
Learn about the steps the City has taken, how it will be enforcing State regulations, and new and creative strategies for making the most of every drop.