Crime Related Information/Links

We will do our best to bring current information which our community may find informative and helpful. These will be verified information links from a variety of sources, such as Federal, State resources or other specialized agencies like FEMA, Homeland Security or other similar links that come to our attention. Our desire and intent is to keep you informed regarding certain topics that might be of assistance to you. 

Nextdoor Neighborhood

Nextdoor is a private social network where people living in a particular area may sign up to be a part of which enables them to communicate with others living in the same area or block. This can be a great tool to use to watch out for one another's property, to alert when a block party may be organized or becoming alert to crimes that may be occurring in your area as well. 

The Shafter PD is a member of Nextdoor where participants can forward their conversations, concerns, questions, etc. to the agency which can provide alerts of suspicious activity or other important intelligence information. Please subscribe to us at: SPD Nextdoor. If you have questions about this access, please feel free to email Captain Bell.

Department Crime Statistics and Reports

Many in our community are interested in what is going on in Shafter, and we have two access points that should provide information you are looking for. 

First, you can go to the Department Reports page here: DEPARTMENT REPORTS and find year-end reports and crime statistics.

Second, you can access the Department CitizenRIMS page which will provide you with both current and past searchable categories pertaining to: past activity, crime, most wanted subjects, stolen vehicles, arrests information, crime charts, and an option to sign up for alerts. 

If you have questions, suggestions, or need help, please email Captain Bell