COLOURS - A Celebration of the Arts in Shafter

Transformed Art
COLOURS is a Celebration of the Arts in Shafter, California held each February. The COLOURS event will showcase transformed art in many forms ranging from canvas, sculpture, film and stage, to wine, food, and music.

Transformed Art is using one’s talents and abilities with the intent to create a product that reflects what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and of good repute, excellence, and worthy of praise. It is our desire to strike a spark or fan a flame so that people will integrate their artistic passions and talents. The event is designed to:
  • Help people understand transformed art and explore their own artistic passions, talents, and abilities in a setting that promotes healthy morals and values
  • Help people create art through a transformed perspective and in a variety of settings
  • Help people display and perform their art as well as connect with other artists of like mind
For information on this year's event visit the COLOURS website or the  COLOURS Facebook Page .