Volunteer Programs

The Shafter Police Department has an opportunity for those in our community who would like to give back in the form of time and talents. Many volunteers, for example, spend countless hours at the Animal Shelter helping in clean up and care tasks of the animals in the facility. 

There is also the Police Chaplain program, which actually has it's own program page to explain to those who are interested to the left of this information box. 

The CITIZEN SERVICE UNIT (CSU) is a program that allows for volunteers in our community who are interested in being the eyes and ears for the police department to participate during special events or when their schedules allow.

We are greatly appreciative of those in our community that devote their time and talents in order to allow us to bring the most effective law enforcement services possible to our citizens and the CSU participation program is just one such program.

CSU's are exposed to limited training and expectations, possibly Emergency Preparedness and how they can assist the city and police department in the case of disaster or emergencies. CSU's may also conduct roving patrols in a CSU vehicle, reporting observations to the on-duty watch commander which may result in patrol responses. 

If you have questions about our volunteer programs contact the police department and ask for Lieutenant Randy Milligan, the volunteer services coordinator or email her by clicking HERE.

Please note, that all volunteers are required to submit to a LiveScan fingerprinting process for clearances to participate as a volunteer as well as additional background verifications as necessary. LiveScan is performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1 p.m. till 4 p.m. If you have problems making it during these parameters, appointments may be made by calling Records at 746-8500, ask to speak with Katrina.