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Welcome to the Shafter Police Department website. This website is one of the many ways that we strive to communicate with our community. I look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy touring our website.

-Chief of Police Kevin Zimmermann


The City of Shafter Police Department is truly an all around law enforcement service organization. The department is responsible for all municipal law enforcement functions as well traffic safety and animal control services within the incorporated area of the City of Shafter.


Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Shafter Police Department as well as all branches of city services have had changes as to times, availability and access. Recently the City Council, City Manager, and Chief of Police have approved of moving into Phase 2 of reopening for general public access. Please see below the services and hours of revised operations for the Police Department. 

In all incidents of appointments, this is taken to ensure that staff ask the pre-screening questions as to whether you have had a temperature, been around someone who is sick, or are currently having any signs of sickness. Additional requirements are listed with each component of our operations below. 

If you have any questions or special needs you would like to request, contact Captain Jeff Bell at 746-8914 (jbell@shafter.com) or Administrative Sergeant Milligan at (661) 746-8542 (rmilligan@shafter.com).

For General Law Enforcement Calls for Service:

The Police Department Lobby will remain closed for general public access. The speaker box outside the main lobby will be utilized for screening people wishing access to the lobby.  The On-Duty Dispatcher will limit the number of people inside the lobby to ensure adequate space for ‘Social Distancing.’

For Non-Essential Police Department Functions:

Property Room: 

The release of property will be Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Dispatch / Records:

LiveScan fingerprinting services, and Concealed Carry Weapon permits will be ‘By Appointment Only.’  The appointments will be scheduled by Records to limit the number of people inside the lobby.

Requests for copies of Crime Reports will be filled on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Impounded Vehicle Releases & Repossessions will be handled Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Citation Sign-offs will only be done Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

All Registrant requirements will continue as required.

All other Records related requests will be by appointment only.

Animal Control 

The Animal Shelter will be open ‘By Appointment Only.’ 

All person(s) will be required to wear a face mask and answer screening questions prior to being allowed entry to the Animal Shelter. The staff at the Animal Shelter will be enforcing ‘Social Distancing’ by limiting the number of persons allowed inside the Animal Shelter.

Department Staff

The police department currently has 39 full-time employees including 26 sworn and 13 non-sworn support personnel.

Below is a slideshow of our officers, civilian, and volunteers that work or have worked for the citizens of Shafter over the years.

Chief Zimmermann
2016 to Present
Chief Kevin Zimmermann
Police Department Staff 2016 - Chief Zimmermann
Zimmermann Oath Group
Chief Richardson
2011 - 2016
Chief Richardson
Police Department Staff 2012 - Chief Richardson
SPD 2012 Web
Chief Fivecoat
2007 - 2011
Fivecoat Changed
Police Department Staff 2008 - Chief Fivecoat
SPD 8_2008 web
Chief Zrofsky
1998 - 2007
Shafter Police Department 2006 - Chief Zrofsky
Shafter Police Department 1999 - Chief Zrofsky
SPD 1999 3 web

Mission Statement 

The mission statement of the Shafter Police Department is to "Ensure the safety and security of all people in our city by providing the community responsive and professional police services with compassion and concern".

Additional Information

You can find out more about our agency by clicking on the links to the left of the page, or continue on to see other information about our department and the various programs we are involved with. If you want to contact us to ask a question, email the Police Department or call 661-746-8500.

If you are interested in adding us to your Nextdoor Neighborhood please add us by clicking here: SPD Nexdoor.

If you are interested in viewing the Department crime statistics and yearly statistics, you can go to the Department Reports page or check out CitizenRIMS Crime Graphics.

Live Scan

If you have questions about our LiveScan days and times, contact Records at 746-8500. We provide LiveScan services by appointment only at this time. If you have a unique situation, appointments may be arranged.