City Clerk

The city clerk is a department head appointed by the city manager. The city clerk manages public inquiries and relationships and arranges for ceremonial and official functions. The city clerk acts as a compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes including the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act.

Assisting the City Council
The city clerk serves as the clerk to the City Council. The city clerk prepares the city council agendas and minutes of the City Council meetings. The city clerk also serves as the city official recorder of the City Council meetings and is responsible to maintain records of the City Council actions and a permanent record of all city transactions including the City Municipal Code.

Additional Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the city clerk include to:
  • Act as Elections Official
  • Act as Local Legislation Auditor
  • Act as Municipal Officer
  • Act as Political Reform Filing Officer
  • Manage Records and Archives
  • Manage Public Inquiries and Relationships
The City Clerk is the local official who administers democratic processes such as elections, access to city records, and all legislative actions ensuring transparency to the public.

Legal Notice Publications
The newspaper of general circulation and circulated in the City of Shafter used for publishing legal notices is The Shafter Press, published by Reed Print, Inc. Contact The Shafter Press at 661-746-4942 or visit the Shafter Press website.