Police Chaplain Program

Pastor Pulido and Pastor Long enjoying the weather and the crowdsThe Police Chaplain Unit of the Shafter Police Department was started in September of 1990. Pastor Dean Long organized, leads, and still participates today after 18 years in the program.

The chaplains purpose is to minister to all that desire their help. They deliver death notices, counsel those in need and are available to the officers of the Police Department.

They are often times called out by the police department anytime, day or night, to assist in particularly difficult incidents. They are responsible for a duty week beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday in which they are asked to ride in a squad car at least 10 hours per month.

Over the years we have had up to seven chaplains. Currently we have five chaplains serving. This is a volunteer group serving the Police Department. Each chaplain desires to serve the community in any way possible and lend themselves available at all times.

-Dean Long, Pastor, Shafter Free Will Baptist Church

Additional Information
Police chaplains, like all volunteers working on behalf of the Police Department must go through a background investigation and obtain the required clearances. If you are interested in more information about this program, please contact Pastor Long.

Current Chaplain Volunteers
  • Chaplain Dean Long, Shafter Free Will Baptist Church
  • Chaplain Ezekiel Pulido
  • Chaplain Gary Long
  • Chaplain Cain Maldonado, Westside Fellowship