Citizen Service Unit

The Citizens Service Unit or CSU was a community policing concept developed by Chief Fivecoat that became reality in July of 2007. It started with five members, and currently has nine members and is growing still.

Responsibilities of the CSU
The CSU is a volunteer division of the Shafter Police Department They are intended to be the eyes and ears of the department. Their responsibility is to use the CSU vehicle and with two members in the vehicle drive around our city and take note of anything that needs attention by the Police Department and or Public Works. They want to assist in anyway possible.

Expectations & Participation
They are asked to serve in some capacity at least eight hours per month. There are several areas of service. Some patrol, and they have worked as assistants to the officers at the traffic checkpoints or even helped by running some needed errands.
They have assisted with office work or any other area they can be of service.

They have even participated as actors with the Sheriff's Department for training situations for new police officers. This is a new endeavor for Shafter, but there are many CSU divisions over the state that have been in service and successful for many years.

Application Information
We are accepting applications at this time. If you think you may be interested in volunteering please email or contact us at 661-746-8500 or. You may be directed to our acting CSU Coordinator Pastor Dean Long for further information.

-Pastor Dean Long